Fin . . . for now

So last New Year’s day, I posted that I planned to complete a post a week for the year. This post marks the completion of that goal.

2011 . . . what to say?

My son had his first birthday, my daughter her fifth. I earned a new title and managed to get through an entire semester without getting into trouble at work. After seemingly endless reading (30 monographs in 2011 alone), I am now qualified to teach history at the college level. My husband and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary (and will celebrate our seventh a few days into 2012).

Aside from the blog, I have been writing a great deal more, something that had been neglected for other obligations. The results of this creative upswing are still pending, but I am hopeful to have some good news to share with you in the new year.

Which brings me to 2012 . . .

What would you, readers, like to see on Generation Cake next year? More of the same? Less of one thing? I am toying with ideas for what to do and would love your input. Continue with post a week? Add more pictures and videos? More writings on pop culture? Literature? Politics? My kids? Eco stuff? My pups? Or just whatever randomness comes into my head? Please leave comments below (or on my FB page) about what you’d like to see for 2012.

Thanks to all of you for reading this year. Hopefully next year will have even more wonderful things in store.




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