A Merry Little Christmas

Last week marked the end of my working semester–grad school classes I’m taking, undergrad classes I’m teaching–done. It was an exhausting but rewarding period; unfortunately, it has left me sans motivation for major Christmas.

I suppose that’s not entirely true–I am enjoying singing with my daughter (no matter how off-key she is), watching favorite Christmas movies, baking, and just relaxing with my family. Where I lack motivation is gifting. I have no desire to shop.

I think this actually started back around Thanksgiving when I saw people at our local Best Buy camping out for Black Friday. That people would elect to spend the holidays in a tent in front of a chain store instead of with friends and family just to save on a material item baffled me. Then we had reports of people pepper spraying other shoppers and near riots for waffle makers. This did not fuel my shopping urge.

At Liliana’s school, we were asked to send one small item like a pencil or eraser for stocking stuffers for her class, along with treats for the Christmas party. I sent some fun bouncy balls and homemade Pumpkin cookies. Other mothers did personalized buckets full of toys, games, and candy, giant cupcakes and candy canes. Our bouncy balls looked lame. But it only made me more adverse to shopping and going over the top.

It didn’t help that with the semester ending so late, I was writing, studying, and grading until last Friday. By then I needed a few days to recharge, which I did on a brief family trip. Now would be the time for shopping. But I just can’t seem to get moving toward the car.

Don’t get me wrong–I am full of Christmas spirit. And I have a few small gifts for friends and family. I just can’t seem to convince myself that we need more than that–any of us. The best gift I am getting is that my husband has the whole week off and will be with us throughout the holiday weekend. That’s more than I need.

My favorite Christmas song of all time is “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” (the Judy Garland version). And that’s what I think we’re having this year. A merry little Christmas where we are all together.

I am very blessed this Christmas and I think one of the best blessings is that I am in a warm house with my husband, children, and parents with cookie dough ready to bake and no demand or desire to go anywhere anytime soon.

Whatever your Christmas wishes, dear readers, I hope you are as happy this year as I am.



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