Brother, Can You Spare A Dime?

I’m a strong believer in fate. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy studying literature–there is something poetically inevitable about life, for good or bad. While I only rely strictly on fate in matters of shopping–if they have the item I want in the size and color I want when it goes on sale then it is meant to be–I feel that there is some aspect of it in every part of life. That being said, we can certainly help fate along by pitching in. After all, fate can’t do everything (except, fingers crossed, on this amazing green sweater I want).

There are a number of things in my life right now that are possible–things I don’t want to go into detail about until I am more certain. But they are exciting ‘what-ifs’ that are dancing before me. For some of these things, this week requires I do my part before turning them over to fate. So if you have a moment, and you can spare some, send some prayers, fairy dust, Christmas magic, and/or good vibrations my way. I will only use them for good.

Until next week.



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