Notes from the Buried

I am coming to you from under a pile of research projects, essays, and discussion boards layered with grad history reviews and final exams. Under all those papers and books? That’s my tiny voice and waving hand.

I have hit the point in the semester where I am measuring my days in words read and written–how many can one person get through in a single day and still maintain quality? I’ll give you hint: never enough.

So then I wonder, why did I do this to myself? Why did I take two graduate course? Why did I assign essays instead of just multiple choice? Why?

I could give you some profound discourse on my dedication to my students to challenge them. I could ramble about my need to better myself through the pursuit of knowledge.I could even justify that I do all this to be great, instead of just good, at my job.

But just between us, I’ll tell you the real reason.

I’m batsh*t crazy.



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