La La La Leopard

Although I am by no means a Fashionista, I usually have a reasonable idea of fashion trends. Some I like (maxi dresses), some I hate (Harem pants–they’re Hammer pants people and they flatter no one). But there is one staple that I have worn for years now that has become, in my closet, as timeless as a little black dress.

Leopard print.

I got my first leopard print piece when I was 17–an A line mini dress. Now in my early 30s, I wear it as a tunic with jeans and it’s still fab. I’ve owned many wonderful pieces (sheer coat, sweaters, platforms, bedspreads, jewelry)–basically when I find a piece I love, I buy it. I am picky–no grey or colors, just tan/brown/black. Small spots are a must and nothing too sexy–that reads hooker, people. One day I hope to find a vintage leopard swing coat. It’s on my bucket list. No really.

There is one thing that is a constant in my wardrobe, that is worn until it is literally falling apart, and then given a proper burial before being replaced: Leopard Ballet Flats.

I wear these like sneakers–jeans, dresses, capri pants, you name it. What I love is the incredibly chic, classic, and practical style of the shoe coupled with the pop of the print. I think the leopard ballet flat is ageless and timeless. I fell just a bit more in love with Helen Mirren when I discovered she shares my love of the same shoe.

For roughly two years now I have lived in a pair of Steve Madden’s I got on clearance. Sadly, they have reached the point where even Rudy, my miracle shoe repair guy cannot fully restore them (I have a pair of discontinued Prada stilettos that he has ‘freshened’ more times than Bruce Jenner). So it’s time to start looking for my next ‘sneakers.’

It’s ridiculous, I know, to write an entire blog about a pair of shoes. Here’s the thing: there are few things in my life that will automatically make me feel like less of a frump when I’m not feeling like dressing up, younger when I’m feeling old, stylish when I’m feeling too ‘mom,’ or just a little more fabulous than I was just seconds before. They give me comfort and a skip in my step. And what’s so wrong with that?

What about you, readers? What silly thing makes you a little bit happier?


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