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Restrospective: Thankful

Although I suppose I could do a list of Thanksgiving, family, or even food themed entries this week, instead I have decided to share with you the Top Five Pop Culture Things I am Thankful for. All of these are from the past, proving that for me they stand the test of time.

In no particular order:

  1. The Purple Rain Soundtrack. So he’s not an actor–I’m not talking about the movie. Instead I am talking about Prince as a performer, artist, and musician. Certainly he has other brilliant albums, but this soundtrack is a collection of perfection, giving fans all the variety we love about Prince: pop romance (“Take Me With U”), dance part (“Let’s Go Crazy”), beautifully funky ballads (“The Beautiful Ones”), naughty (“Darling Nikki”), and epic (“Purple Rain” and “When Doves Cry”). I have multiple copies of this album because I wear them out.
  2. Designing Women. Although I’m a purest (Delta and Jean, please; tolerate Judith and Jane; suck it Allison), I love all episodes (and have most of them memorized) of this sassy Southern sitcom. I will admit that a number of my thoughts on sex, gender, politics, religion, and equality probably stem from Designing Woman episodes. I still cry thinking about the episode where they plan a funeral for an HIV positive friend that includes Mary Jo’s iconic line: “We’re not just talking about preventing births, we’re talking about preventing deaths.” I tear up at the Rowdy Girls. I get a serious case of the giggles when I think about Bernice’s sanity hearing. Don’t make me pick a favorite among the original four–that is impossible. But I do dream of someday finding a blouse like Suzanne’s with the big fake yellow bow. I would wear the hell out of that.
  3. Don Juan DeMarco. There are movies I love more, that make me laugh/cry/think more. However, this movie makes me gleeful. Silly, sweet, a bit sexy, and full of fantasy my response as to why I adore it so? Why not?
  4. Batman. This is a complicated one. I love all the movies (yes, even those by the former-window dresser turned nipple-maker who shall not be named). I love the Adam West series. However, as much as I think Christopher Nolan is a genius in his reinvention, my heart belongs to Tim Burton’s original. Why? Because there are few better things in this world than watching Jack Nicholson’s Joke jam out to Prince while he improves the paintings.
  5. Entertainment Weekly. I first got this magazine in 1995. The cover had Simba. I have gotten in ever since. It is the only thing that I actually stop the world to do on my own. It is the only thing that I don’t give to other people before I’ve enjoyed it myself. Call it trivial, cheesy, whatever. But here’s the thing: I spend so much of my life reading, studying, and teaching serious things. I need something to remind me why I love movies, books, music, and television. I’ve tried reading other things and I just can’t keep it up. Plus, the bulls eye feature that has graced the last page for about a year now is one of the funniest things I see every week.

To you and yours, have a wonderful Thanksgiving.



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For the Teachers . . .

Adult Content!

I will say I was in tears after this.



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La La La Leopard

Although I am by no means a Fashionista, I usually have a reasonable idea of fashion trends. Some I like (maxi dresses), some I hate (Harem pants–they’re Hammer pants people and they flatter no one). But there is one staple that I have worn for years now that has become, in my closet, as timeless as a little black dress.

Leopard print.

I got my first leopard print piece when I was 17–an A line mini dress. Now in my early 30s, I wear it as a tunic with jeans and it’s still fab. I’ve owned many wonderful pieces (sheer coat, sweaters, platforms, bedspreads, jewelry)–basically when I find a piece I love, I buy it. I am picky–no grey or colors, just tan/brown/black. Small spots are a must and nothing too sexy–that reads hooker, people. One day I hope to find a vintage leopard swing coat. It’s on my bucket list. No really.

There is one thing that is a constant in my wardrobe, that is worn until it is literally falling apart, and then given a proper burial before being replaced: Leopard Ballet Flats.

I wear these like sneakers–jeans, dresses, capri pants, you name it. What I love is the incredibly chic, classic, and practical style of the shoe coupled with the pop of the print. I think the leopard ballet flat is ageless and timeless. I fell just a bit more in love with Helen Mirren when I discovered she shares my love of the same shoe.

For roughly two years now I have lived in a pair of Steve Madden’s I got on clearance. Sadly, they have reached the point where even Rudy, my miracle shoe repair guy cannot fully restore them (I have a pair of discontinued Prada stilettos that he has ‘freshened’ more times than Bruce Jenner). So it’s time to start looking for my next ‘sneakers.’

It’s ridiculous, I know, to write an entire blog about a pair of shoes. Here’s the thing: there are few things in my life that will automatically make me feel like less of a frump when I’m not feeling like dressing up, younger when I’m feeling old, stylish when I’m feeling too ‘mom,’ or just a little more fabulous than I was just seconds before. They give me comfort and a skip in my step. And what’s so wrong with that?

What about you, readers? What silly thing makes you a little bit happier?


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While sitting in McDonald’s today with my mother and one year old son, we were approached by an elderly man. Having someone come over to talk to Alex is nothing new: he’s a sweet guy with a charming smile that he spreads around indiscriminately. But the man’s reaction was novel.

“You have such a sweet smile, you need this.” He handed a Alex a little carved wooden elephant with tiny wheels. As a mother I am always suspicious of people giving things to my baby, but this seemed harmless. We thanked the man and he nodded before he returned to the booth. Alex played happily with the toy. A few minutes later the man approached another table with a little boy probably about 2 years old.

“Would you mind if I give him this?” he asked the mother before offering the boy a carved wooden car.

Again the man returned to his seat and went back to eating his chicken nuggets. Before we left, my mother asked him if he had made the toy himself. He smiled.

“Yes, ma’am. I find it helps me pass the evenings. I don’t have any little ones in my life, but I want someone to have them. Hope it makes him happy.”

I’m a cynic, to say the least, but that almost made me tear up. And so I am going to bed tonight just a bit happier about the world knowing that there is a old man in my town who is tonight whittling little wooden wheeled toys to give to children in the hope that it will make them happy.


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