Here’s What . . .

Again I must crib from the lovely Mr. Cohen as my midterm week is slamming me. So here are three things I’m obsessed with:

1. American Horror Story on FX–Creepy, engaging, and thought provoking, this show has so much potential and so many interesting places to go. I love a show that really makes you think while entertaining you, leaving you with questions, theories, and hot and cold running chills. Bonus points for the venomously stunning Jessica Lange. I will say that it is especially lovely curled up with a loved one and some popcorn.

2. Work of Art: The Next Great Artist Season 2–I know members of the art world scoff at this bit of reality fluff pretending to be profound. Know what? I don’t care. Simone is fabulous and is now part of my fantasy NYC lunch with Tim Gunn. More bonus points for the girl who, my husband and I believe, is the human incarnation of our border collie. Uber bonus points the artist known as the Sucklord who makes sculptures out of hot pink storm troopers. Yes, those storm troopers.

3. King of Hill reruns–I love and fear King of the Hill not because I can think of a real life person who relates to every character on the show; I love and fear King of the Hill because I can think of MORE THAN ONE real person who correlates with every character.

Stay tuned for a new Retrospective next week.


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