Three Things I’m Obsessed With

In honor of my favorite Bravo producer turned talk show host’s season finale this week, I am going to crib a page from Mr. Andy Cohen. So here are three things I’m obsessed with this week:

  1. Dance Moms on Lifetime. I love a show that makes me feel like a better mother. So when there’s a woman who argues that she can’t be blamed that her daughter wouldn’t rehearse because they offered to buy the five-year old an iPad for rehearsing a dance, I am buying a ticket for that crazy train. Come for the super talented kids, stay for Cathy with her streaked hair and delusions of entitlement.
  2. Chicken Tortilla Soup. The best in town is at MacCalister’s. The best on the planet? I don’t know  . . . yet.
  3. Watching my 13-month old son chase a balance ball bigger than he is down the hall. Basically all you see is a giant grey ball shrieking with joy, the occasional tiny finger peaking over the top.

I am in need of some rest after a week of writing essays, studying for finals, and grading. See you next week.



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