A Few of My Favorite Things

I don’t particularly care for blogs that just become product placement. And so I will begin by saying that is not the goal of this week’s post. Instead, I would like to share a few eco things that I have researched and tested that I feel really made my life better. Some of them are a bit pricey, but the long run impact has been worth the initial investment.

Envirosax These are not those wimpy little reusable bags from your local grocery store. Instead, these suckers hold up to 50 pounds and roll up into nice little self-contained cylinders when you aren’t using them. I bought a set for my mom for mother’s day and the La Boheme Pouch for myself. I keep them in my purse, diaper bag, and glove box, and use them at any store I go to, not just the grocery store. Because they are so compact, yet so durable, I use them to carry things around. Also, since they are also washable, I use them for wet/dirty kids clothes when we are out and about. You can buy the pouch of 5 for $40 or build your own–yes, that is pricey upfront, but I use these so much it is insane. My 4-year old actually wants her own set and with these super cute Kid Options, the Easter Bunny is doing some online shopping this year.

Arctic Blast by Herb N’ Organics is simply the best natural all around cleaner I have found. Their other cleaners are worth a spin and their hand sanitizer is A-MAZ-ING. However, if you want to invest in one cleanser that will do the work of four others, get the Arctic Blast. Gets dog blood out of walls, carpets, clothing . . . you name it. Dog blood. Need I say more?

White Vinegar. Yes, plain old white vinegar. I would buy this stuff in drums if I could. Cleaning, laundry, deodorizing, cooking–I cannot live without it. Even keeps my son’s cloth diapers funk free.

Stacking Recycling Bins from The Container Store are not super fancy, but they are affordable and get the job done. The clear bins also allow for my daughter to see what to put where, allowing her to participate in recycling even at the age of 4.

Plain Old Cloth Diapers can be bought at pretty much any store. They are basically absorbent cloths that can replace paper towels in your life. Throw them in the wash when you’re done and they are ready to go again. (If anyone is interested in the type I use on my son, I can do another post about those–or just general green kids products.)

I love that these things make my life easier, cleaner, and are still good for the planet. What about you? What are your favorite things? Leave your comments below or send them my way. Until next time.



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