Spring Green

Spring has arrived, but living in West Texas, it’s not that dramatic because Winter barely dropped by. It was like the friend whom you haven’t seen in years who drops by to ask you to buy something and stands in the door talking, never actually coming in. We basically had Summer, lite-Fall, and an awkward conversation about how separate our lives are with Winter.

Spring means many things to me–Lent, Spring Break, Easter, our annual family vacation in May, and the segue into Summer that means working from home, many birthdays, and trying to think up activities to keep my daughter from burning the house down. But before I jump that gun, I am trying to bask in the current season, even if that is just a state of mind (it’s been 90 several days this week).

Liliana has been hard at work cultivating her first garden with the expert guidance of her Papa. We’re working on Spring cleaning projects. Easter and Earth Day are lurking round the corner and I am brainstorming ideas for those.

If you have read my blog at all, you know I am working to become kinder to the plant and its inhabitants. With Easter being so late this year, I am taking advantage of that to make my first green Easter. Here are some ideas I’ve had to help with that goal.

  • Sidewalk Chalk Easter Eggs– Every year we are asked to send filled eggs to my daughter’s school for them to hide for the Easter party. If the most recent Valentines Party is any indication, that’s going to mean candy like there is no tomorrow. (Of which Lili ate none–she just left it lying around.) At Target the other day I saw 4-packs of sidewalk chalk shaped like Easter eggs. At 4 for a $1, I think this is a great alternative to candy. I am going to reuse Liliana’s old Easter eggs and fill them with these colorful eggs. If you can’t find the ready-made ones, making your own sidewalk chalk is pretty fun and easy. I can include instructions in a future blog.
  • Alternative Grass– I hate plastic Easter grass. It gets everywhere and to my knowledge is not easily recyclable. I have thought of a few ideas to replace it but still haven’t settled on one yet. One option is to use shredded paper or newspaper which can be recycled (although will still get everywhere). Yarn or fabric scraps might be fun. Wheat grass grows pretty quickly and would look amazing (although I’m pretty sure my son will eat it). My favorite idea is green tulle. We have some green sparkle tulle leftover from who knows what. Lili loves playing dress up and I think this would add a fun element to her Easter basket.
  • Easter Baskets– We are the kind of people who reuse Easter baskets. However, ours all seem to have fallen into disrepair. I have two current thoughts on the matter: galvanized buckets that can then be reused to store toys, or baskets woven from old t-shirts. I am still looking for suggestions.

What are your ideas for a kinder, gentler Easter?



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