By Request: Plantable Valentines

Yowza! Last week’s post garnered me the most views and feedback to date. I will be posting again later this week, hopefully, but in the meantime I will answer the number one question I’ve gotten via PM, Comment, and Email: What exactly are plantable Valentines and where can I get them?

When I refer to plantable Valentines, I am specifically speaking about cards made from paper that is embedded with seeds and can therefore be planted in the ground. I first heard of the idea when one of my magazines for ‘those kind of people’ talked about plantable baby shower invitations. Even though I didn’t need the invitations, I filed the idea away for future reference. When it came time for Liliana’s Valentines this year, I thought I’d check it out as an alternative. After some searching, I finally found some great ones on Etsy from Girl*in*Gear Studio.

I liked these because they came with envelopes (100% recycled) and directions on what to do with the actual cards.

Although these are not currently available (cause V-day is over), you could probably convo her about specialty stuff. She also does compostable cards as well.

Etsy is full of plantable paper options–invitations, notecards, etc. Just search it.

I also found instructions on how to make your own. I haven’t tried these yet, but I am thinking I will over spring break. I love the idea and am thinking of trying it with some native Texas bluebonnet seeds.

Another option might be to write the names on seed packets.




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