Now that I am free of the shackles of grading and answering endless student emails, I can focus on the holiday season and blogging—two of my favorite things.

How did I ever shop before the internet? Online shopping is my drug and I have no plans for rehab. This year I am trying to be a little wiser, a little kinder, and a little better to the earth and its inhabitants. In that spirit, I would like to present some shout outs to my favorite websites and vendors for those of you stumped by this Christmas season.

For Moms:

If you are a mom, mom-to-be, or know one of those, you have to check out I am heartily addicted to this website with its unique, eco-friendly products. Some current favorites are the Alphabet Alley Blocks and Baby Legs. Sign up for their newsletter and get a discount. They also provide free, super fast shipping.

For Brainiacs:

Star Trek? Battlestar Galactica? Star Wars? Done, done, and done with This site has a number of items for the science, math, computer, or pop culture geek, be they 5 months or 105 years. My son currently sports their DNA onesie and I’ve put in an order for the equation clock for my math-centric family.

For Writers:

I am absolutely bananas for This company makes recycled notebooks, cards, notepads, gift tags, and jewelry. They are so committed that even the plastic packaging is eco-friendly. For someone like me, who loves stationary, this company provides a wonderful alternative to massive tree massacres. They even donate 5% of all profits to help animals. Their spiral notebooks are to die for, but I cannot get enough of their personalized notepads—I have to keep myself from ordering more until the ones I’m using run out.

For the Fashionista:

Hit Yes, the bags and wallets are pricey, but they are super cool and basically indestructible. I have had women chase me down to find out about my juice pack tote and Napoleon rice sack purse. Sign up for their newsletter and get a discount on your first order.

For Daddies:

My husband has been sporting Daddy Tags from for several years now. They look like dog tags (but much nicer!) and can be made for men or women. Although I have seen other versions popping up, these are actually made from recycled film. They also have a variety of charms for pet owners, kids, and mommies. Check out their link to Maize Hutton for her tiny charms, also from recycled film.

For the Toms Experience:

I live in my Toms. They are comfy, more versatile than sneakers, and for every pair you buy, a kid in need gets a pair of shoes. If you haven’t already, take a minute to check them out at

Following their business model is Baby Zoowon, another site I love. My son is apparently a blanket snob because he fusses if he doesn’t have his blanket from Velvety plush minky on one side, silky on the other, and completely washable—this blanket is worth the price. Plus, for every blanket purchased, one is donated to a child in need.

For Unique Gifts that Help:

The Hunger Site store is something to behold. Just viewing their site helps feed the hungry. They actually use the internet to help a variety of causes such as children’s health, breast cancer, animal rescue, literacy, and the rainforest, so if you have something near and dear, your browsing and purchase may help. In terms of products, they have everything from native made designs to fair trade items and cover most genders and age groups. Please check them out at

Happy shopping, and check back in the coming days for more holiday themed posts.


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