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The Best Thing I Ever Ate

As some of you know, we have a new addition in our home, which is why I have been so lapse on my posting. In giving birth to my son, I ended up spending an extra week in the hospital due to complications. During that time, my husband and I ended up watching quite a bit of the Food Network. One of our favorite late night shows was reruns of “The Best Thing I Ever Ate.” In a slap-dash attempt to post something, I am presenting my own version. In no particular order:

The Best . . .

Cookie–Tie between my mom’s homemade chocolate chip cookies and the cookies at Union Square Bakery in Manhattan. Those are so good I actually considered fishing through a Union Square trash for one. Seriously.

Pasta–Pumpkin Ravioli with lobster sauce at America in NYC. It was a chef’s special that day and I have never seen anything like it again. I wake up sometimes dreaming about this dish.

Ice Cream–Dole Whip Float in Adventureland in Disneyland or WDW. My family is obsessed with these.

Appetizer–Goat Cheese Salad at Craftsteak, Las Vegas. Yes, I went because of the Top Chef connection. But that Goat Cheese made me forget my own name, let alone a reality show.

Seafood–Tun a la planche, Havenita, Paris. “I can’t believe I’m eating Cuban food in Paris,” complained one dining companion I dragged to this little hole in the wall. Then she ate this tuna dish and all protests were silenced.

Mexican Food–Most Anything at Rosa’s, Midland. West Texas people are snotty about their Mexican food because everyone knows someone whose wife or mother makes the best Mexican food ever. However, I am going to say Rosa’s because it is cheap and those tortillas have ruined any other tortilla for me for life.

Soup–My landlady’s Gazpacho, Madrid, Spain. Love it and can actually reproduce it. Perhaps I’ll post the recipe sometime in the future. Paired with her tuna empanadas, this made it worth the lack of AC in most parts of the country.

Hamburger–Animal Style In N Out Burger, In N Out, various places in California and Nevada. The simplicity, freshness, and low cost make this the best burger ever. Plus, I always feel cool asking for something not listed on the menu.

Milkshake–Almond Joy, Stingy Lulu’s, NYC. So it’s more of an adult milkshake; so what? It was so creamy and yummy I probably would have loved is sans booze.

Pool Bar Drink–Margarita, the Oasis, Austin. My friends defined pool bar drinks as big fruity things that you shouldn’t order when you want to be taken seriously. Thankfully this place is famous for theirs. Garth even wrote a song about it.

Sandwich–Reuben, Katz’s, Austin. Katz’s never closes, which is a good thing because cravings for this sandwich can overtake a person at any time of the day or night.

Cocktail–Dirty Martini, SkyBar, Los Angeles. Back when I still drank, this was my signature drink. And on my one foray to SkyBar, I had the best one ever. So good, it was almost worth the $20 they charged for it.

Random–Paella at a sidewalk cafe, Andalusia, Spain. I don’t care what recipe someone has–you cannot make Paella like this. I have a secret plan to drag my husband with me to the South of Spain just to eat the real stuff again.

Dessert–My mom’s cheesecake. F-off with your Cheesecake Factory. My mother makes New Orleans style cheesecake that she got from a chef when she was visiting the city that has turned me (and now my husband) against every other kind because they aren’t even in the same ballpark. Ralph’s Jazz Kitchen almost gets it right. Almost.

That’s all I can think of at the moment. I may revisit this list or add to it. Looking at it, I realize how really lucky I have been in my travel and eating adventures.

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