Green Clean

This week the life layer that’s front and center in my mind is green. Maybe it’s Earth Day, maybe it’s seeing everything in bloom as Spring pounces on us . . . whatever the reason, I’m trying to think more green for my family. I want to set a good example for my kids and teach them to be responsible and conservative with our resources. I know with some people, they tend to go ridiculously overboard any time they undertake a new project. I’m slowly changing our habits starting with recycling plastic and paper.

Adding to that project, I’m currently on the prowl for non-chemical, green products for my kids. The first phase of this has been eliminating chemical cleaning products from our home. This is a necessity for several reasons. My daughter has started helping me clean, but little hands still go in little mouths and eyes. Another is that our Dalmatian mix has started having seizures and the vet suggested that harsh cleaning chemicals can lower her threshold.

My favorite go to so far is plain old white vinegar–that stuff is seriously a miracle worker. I use it instead of fabric softner (which you shouldn’t use anyway as it is hard on your machine). It’s also great on pet stains as it works to neutralize odor as well as taking out the stain itself. And when I don’t need to do any heavy duty cleaning, I like to use it to wipe down surfaces. My husband’s sink for some reason gets crazy build up and so I mix it with baking soda to make a paste and it scrubs most of that build up.

For heavy duty cleaning, right now I am using Essentials by Arm and Hammer. It’s plant based, so it’s safe for my family and the refills cut down on waste. It’s pretty good for kitchens and bathrooms (I use the multi-purpose).

My next green-clean project is finding a good detergent that won’t kill my wallet, as well as something for polishing furniture and something  for mirrors and glass.

Some ‘green’ brands I have heard good things about: Seventh Generation, Better Life, Herb N’ Organics, Method Home, and Mrs. Meyers. I’ve actually ordered Herb N’ Organics sample cleaning line which includes glass cleaner and furniture polish, as well as their pepperminth bathroom cleaner. I’m interested to see how it works. We are almost out of our old detergent and I think I will give Seventh Generation a spin since it is readily available here in town.

I would like to continue to integrate environmentally friendly items into my life and I’ve started with baby number two by researching hybrid and cloth diapering options. More to come on that as well.

Until next time, eat cake and have it, too.

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One thought on “Green Clean

  1. Katie

    Here is a recipe I stole from my mother for making your own laundry detergent. Eco-friendly, and won’t “kill your wallet.” This makes many, many loads and smells great too!
    -One bar grated Fels Naptha or some other form of laundry bar soap.
    -Two cups Borax.
    -Two cups washing soda.

    Hope you like it!

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